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EcoProducts B'Ayoba in the Press

Zimbabwe-Based Entrepreneur To Create Global Market For Baobab Products
New Zimbabwe: 4th July 2020
Gus Le Breton is one of the founders of B’Ayoba, a Zimbabwean company that processes baobab into powder and seed oil for export.
Baobab Fruit Supplier Launches Two New Product Innovations for Beverages
BevNet: 23rd January 2020
EcoProducts B’Ayoba have launched two new Baobab product innovations formulated primarily for beverage applications.
Could 2020 be the year of the Baobab?
Food Navigator: 15th January 2020
Nestle is just one of the large food and beverage firms investigating the potential of the African Superfruit Baobab
Food safety first for Baobab supplier EcoProducts
Food Navigator: 27th August 2018
South African company EcoProducts has become the first African baobab supplier to achieve food safety certification, FSSC 22000 Version 4.1.
Baobab resurgence? Things are looking up for the “upside down” tree
Nutrition Insight: 14th August 2018
Speaking to NutritionInsight, Henry Johnson, Baobab specialist at EcoProducts, details the growing array of applications for the superfood, as well as the economic ripening of the environment for market growth for Baobab.
EcoProducts, processors of the super Baobab fruit achieves FSSC 22000 V4.1 Food Safety certification
SA GAP / QSCert: 2nd August 2018
EcoProducts, based in the heart of Limpopo Province was established in 2006 and is specialised in the production of organic baobab powder and oil for the food and cosmetics industry.  It sources its baobab fruit directly from harvester at village level and their track and trace system follows the movement of each fruit from harvester to packed product.  The EcoProducts processing facility achieved FSSC 22000 certification in 2017 and has achieved FSSC 22000 Version 4.1 certification in August 2018.
"Superfood" craze makes big business of Africa's baobab
Reuters: 1st August 2018
Rich in vitamin C, calcium and magnesium, it can be ground into a powder, mixed into smoothies or sprinkled on porridge. Coca-Cola’s Innocent, U.K. yogurt maker Yeo Valley and U.S. wholesaler Costco are among the major brands to embrace baobab.
Baobab: the next superfood?
The Grocer: 27th March 2018
[B'Ayoba's CEO, Gus] Le Breton believes the [baobab] fruit is due to have its ‘Cinderella’ moment. “It’s exciting that Yeo Valley has stuck its neck out and gone with this,” he says. “For us to have a big brand on board is a major step forward. Obviously what we hope is the brand will grow consumer awareness, which will drive demand. So we’re quite confident other brands will start using it as well.
How Baobab Supports the Poorest
Huffington Post: 6th December 2017
[Gus] Le Breton’s current company [B'Ayoba] buys baobab fruit in rural areas, organizes transport, extracts powder and oil, and engages in international trade. But he does not only nurture an interest on the trade side of baobab - he is committed to improving the situation of people in the poorer regions of Zimbabwe too.
Superfoods: The Real Story
Channel 4 (TV): October 2017

Channel 4 presenter Kate Quilton travels to South Africa to see if the baobab tree might help with diabetes. In this episode she meets with EcoProducts harvesters, interviews founder Dr Sarah Venter at our production facility and witnesses the amazing glycemic index lowering properties of Baobab first-hand with researchers at the Oxford Brookes University in the UK.

New FairWild certification project brings sustainable and ethical baobab to the market
TRAFFIC: 9th August 2017
One of FairWild’s newest certification scheme entrants, B’Ayoba, is a natural ingredients company that supplies Baobab (Adansonia digitata) products, ethically and sustainably wild harvested in partnership with rural producer communities around Zimbabwe.
More research needed on Baobab pollinators
ZoutNet: 23rd March 2017
Last year, the Vhembe Biosphere (VBR) launched a Baobab Blitz Project to try and determine how baobab flowers are getting pollinated. The project stretched from November until December and was done with the help of the VBR in association with the University of Venda (Univen), the National Research Foundation (NRF), Texas Tech University and the EcoProducts Foundation (Louis Trichardt).

Baobab in the News

Diabetes type 2 - five diet swaps to prevent high blood sugar symptoms
The Daily Express: 19th August 2018
Berries, apples, pears and baobab fruit are the best fruits for diabetes patients, according to nutrition website Water For Health.
Africa: The Mainstreaming of Africa's Tree of Life
AllAfrica: 15th August 2018
The mighty baobab tree is a significant African marker that generations have utilised for food, clothing, medicine and other useful products. The rest of the world is catching up to the benefits of its fruit, with health food companies calling it the newest "superfood".
Costco just expanded their food court menu, and they're both vegetarian
AOL: 1st July 2018
Costco now serves Acai bowls, since it has been a recent food trend. This Costco Acai bowl, according to the menu description, is made of Acai and Baobab, which are both antioxidant-rich fruits. The bowls also have 9 grams of fiber, and no artificial colors or flavors. 
‘Too little attention’ to wild plant products
The Scotsman: 25th June 2018
Consumers are being urged to look out for the FairWild logo, which ensures sustainable harvesting and trade in wild plants...
Diabetes type 2: Eat Baobab fruit to help lower blood sugar levels
The Express (UK) newspaper: 16th June 2018

Diabetes is a condition where the body struggles to control blood sugar levels. There are several different forms including diabetes type 1, which appears after birth, and diabetes type 2, which may develop later in life. Adding [Baobab] powder to your diet could help control your blood sugar levels.

The Baobab, Africa’s tree of life, comes back from the dead
The Times (UK) newspaper: 16th June 2018

[Commenting on the Baobab's resilience against both physical abuse...] During her years of researching baobabs, several of which pre-date Christ, Dr [Diana] Mayne [a baobab specialist] has observed some remarkable comebacks. “I have seen a baobab that was felled during the Second World War and carved into a canoe which then began re-sprouting branches" [and adverse environmental conditions...] "One of the worst cyclones ever recorded hit Madagascar in 2004 and completely uprooted a number of baobabs, but still they continue to flourish and produce fruit”.

African Baobab Alliance responds to "false Impression" news articles that all Baobabs are threatened
The African Baobab Alliance: 14th June 2018

This article has had wide-reaching publicity and we are concerned that it has created the false impression that baobabs as a whole are threatened, and that this could have a negative impact on the thousands of rural African harvesters who depend on the sale of baobab fruit to sustain their livelihoods. Like all vegetation in Africa, baobab trees are potentially threatened by climate change. However, the threat is no lesser or greater than for other African tree species. Furthermore, the consumption of baobab fruit products contribute to their long term conservation and sustainable management by giving rural communities powerful economic incentives to look after them. The members of the African Baobab Alliance would like to therefore reassure baobab enthusiasts that they are free to continue consuming baobab products, safe in the knowledge that the baobab population is healthy. 

Drink Baotic receives endorsement from Baobab-loving Sir Richard Branson 6th June 2018

Award-winning health drink innovators Drink Baotic have received a further boost to their brand when they received “support and encouragement” from the billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. The meeting, during which Sir Richard declared his personal love for the source of their product, the African baobab tree, was part of the benefits of winning the Virgin Media Voom Tour last year.

Baobab fruit takes off as a ‘superfood’ with sharp rise in UK sales

The Guardian (UK) Newspaper: 30th March 2018

According to The Grocer, Ocado has reported a 27% increase in weekly sales [of Baobab] since the start of 2018, thanks, in part, to the rise of “liquid breakfasts”. Baobab, in its white powder form, is used predominantly in smoothies and porridge. It was approved for European markets only 10 years ago, but thanks to its purported levels of antioxidants, potassium and phosphorus, high level of vitamin C, calcium and fibre, it has seen its uses expanded into gin, beauty products and yoghurt. 
Baobab, The tree of life
The NavHind Times (India): 27th March 2018
The fruit contains ascorbic acid or Vitamin C that serves as a natural preservative and prevents scurvy. Baobab fruit powder and soda is perhaps the tastiest health drink children would love to drink. It is also good for glowing skin, rejuvenating a tired person in summer and building immunity against infections and diseases. It kept the slaves healthy during long voyages with little food or drink. Just imagine what it can do for us!
Baobab: The lowdown
Big Hospitality: 9th March 2018
2018 is all about Baobab, the Zimbabwean superfood.
The newly formed African Baobab Alliance holds inaugural meeting at Biofach 2018
The African Baobab Alliance: 28th February 2018
Delegates representing the baobab industry attended the launch and inaugural meeting of the 'African Baobab Alliance' (ABA) in Germany on the 17th February to discuss the future goals and structure of the organisation. The ABA is comprised of baobab producers, traders and brands who share the common goals of supporting the development of the baobab industry and promoting its positive socio-economic and environmental impacts across Africa.
Yeo Valley launches mythical African super fruit yoghurt
Chew Valley Gazette: 2nd January 2018

Dan Rusga, Yeo Valley’s Marketing Director said, “Baobab is going the be the hottest new food trend in 2018. The baobab fruit is one of Africa’s best kept secrets and we’re making it available to millions of people in the UK. We’ve paired baobab with vanilla in our newest yogurt and I can’t wait to see what our customers think”.

Diabetes diet: THIS ‘superfood’ fruit could manage blood sugar levels
The Express (UK) newspaper: 17th October 2017

DIABETES affects millions of people in the UK, but a new superfood - the baobab fruit - could help manage blood sugar.

Tribal diets could be the key to good health, scientist finds
The Independent (UK) newspaper: 6th July 2017

Baobab fruit is becoming increasingly popular amongst healthy foodies across the world - regularly sold as a powder - and it’s also a key part of the Hadza [Tanzanian hunter-gatherer tribe] diet, which [scientist Tim] Spector found was crushed and filtered: “I wasn’t expecting to like it. But actually it ended up like a citrusy milkshake”.

Mintel: baobab has a promising future in energy drinks
Ingredients Network: 23rd March 2017

Alex Beckett, Global Food and Drink Analyst at Mintel, believes that baobab as an ingredient in energy drinks has a promising future with its impressive nutrition credentials, and often makes the lists of superfoods to watch.

Baobab could be the next big thing in gluten-free and grain-free baking: Mintel
Food Navigator: 21st March 2017

Baobab fruit powder is about to make the jump from superfood smoothie staple to gluten- and grain-free free baking ingredient, according to Mintel.

Ingredient Spotlight: Baobab, the African Superfood That Has Twice as Much Calcium as Dairy
One Green Planet: 15th March 2017

Traditionally, baobab has been used in African populations to relieve symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, and dysentery. Some research has suggested that baobab fruit may reduce starch digestion and glycemic response in humans.

Baobab has rosy outlook in 2017 thanks to rise of prebiotics
Sutra Ingredients USA: 10th January 2017

California based Kaibae started four years ago as a pure Baobab Fruit Powder brand, and founder Dr Luc Maes says that with the rise of pre- and probiotics, there's a big opportunity for baobab inclusion to increase this year.

Business ideas for 2017: African ingredients
StartUps: 5th January 2017

With exports such as sorghum, baobab, and black soap sparking trends in the UK, 2017 is the year to create a business focused around African ingredients.

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