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About EcoProducts B'Ayoba and Our Team

World Class Production

EcoProducts B'Ayoba is a partnership between two of Africa’s leading Baobab Fruit producers (EcoProducts in South Africa and B’Ayoba in Zimbabwe) and Baobab Exports, which is the sales, marketing and exporting arm of the operation.

We are the largest ethical and traceable Organic Baobab operation, working with more registered rural harvesters than any other Baobab producer in Africa. Our supply chains are fully sustainable. Final processing and quality control is performed at our FSSC 22000 Version 5 certified facility in South Africa. From there we export globally.


Warehouses in Europe, USA and Africa

Our bulking and production facility is in South Africa, and from there we export and distribute globally. Our primary markets are Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. We guarantee to supply the finest quality Baobab to our customers globally, safely and efficiently. Our facility in South Africa has been audited under the FDA’s Foreign Suppler Verification Program (FSVP), a key requirement for all importers to the US:

  • For European and Middle Eastern customers, we deliver from our Rotterdam (Netherlands) warehouse.

  • For US, Canadian and Latin American customers, we deliver from our Long Beach (California) warehouse. 

  • For Asian and Australasian customers, we ship directly from South Africa.

Ethical, Sustainable, Traceable

We work closely with over 4500 registered rural harvesters in Zimbabwe and South Africa to protect Baobab trees and encourage sustainable harvesting. We deliver seasonal training every year to all our harvesters to ensure that the trees are never harmed. We believe strongly in preserving today’s Baobab forests for future generations.


Our tracking and batch control systems follow the movement of the raw material from harvesting, processing, packing, right through to the finished product. We can trace every batch right back to the area it was harvested. 

Our Credentials

  1. Largest ethical Baobab sourcing & processing operation

  2. European and US distribution centres

  3. Competitive prices

  4. FSSC 22000 (version 5) certified facility

  5. European & US organic certified

  6. Audited under the FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)

  7. Transparent traceability and sustainability

  8. Over 5,000 individual registered harvesters

  9. Access & Benefits Sharing (ABS) compliant

  10. Socio-economic impact and environmental programs

  11. Product shelf-life of 3 years

  12. Highly experienced team with decades of knowledge

Leadership Team


Gus Le Breton - B'Ayoba (fruit sourcing and harvesting operation)

A graduate of both Cambridge and Yale Universities, Gus is an ethnobotanist and passionate conservationist. In 2006 he set up PhytoTrade Africa, an NGO focused on the conservation of southern African tree and plant species through commercialisation and trade. In 2008 PhytoTrade successfully registered Baobab Fruit as a Novel Food in the EU, which was a landmark ruling at the time because it was the first ever successful EU Novel Foods application that was based entirely on traditional use and not animal testing.

Based in Zimbabwe, Gus is co-founder of B'Ayoba (the fruit sourcing and harvesting arm of the operation) and Baobab Exports (the sales, marketing and exporting arm). He is also well known for his video blog The African Plant Hunter where he ventures out into remote areas to reveal the hidden secrets of Africa’s healing plants.


Henry Johnson - Baobab Exports (Director - sales, marketing and exporting)

Henry comes from a management consulting background (Accenture), He first started working in the Baobab industry in 2014 when he joined PhytoTrade Africa (the NGO responsible for Baobab's EU Novel Food application) as their Baobab Market Development Manager. Since then he has held various positions in the Baobab industry.


Henry runs Baobab Exports Ltd (the sales, marketing and exporting arm of the operation) working closely with our customers. An avid reader of academic and clinical research, Henry is known for his technical knowledge of Baobab Fruit Powder functionality and supporting companies in their R&D and new product development activities.

Dr Sarah Venter - EcoProducts (processing operation)

Throughout her childhood in South Africa, Sarah was always fascinated by Baobabs. Early in her career, she decided to dedicate her life to making a meaningful contribution to the livelihoods of rural people in Limpopo (a province in northern South Africa) and to the conservation of its Baobab trees. Today she is a world renowned Baobab expert with a PhD in Baobab Ecology and the author of numerous research papers on the subject.


In 2006 she founded EcoProducts, a South African-based Baobab company that operates a world-class FSSC 22000 certified factory that processes all of the operation's Baobab. Producing Baobab Fruit Powder to international food safety standards is all about knowledge and experience, which is why her facility produces the highest quality Baobab on the market.

dominik collenberg photo.jpg

Dominikus Collenberg - B'Ayoba (fruit sourcing and harvesting operation)

Dominik has a Masters degree in Economics and Organic farming and over 20 years experience of organic production in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and China. He is CEO of Organic Africa, a major organic farming initiative and leading producer of organic and FairTrade herbs, teas and medicinal plants in southern Africa.


Based in Zimbabwe, Dominik is co-founder of B'Ayoba and manages all of the Baobab raw material sourcing and harvesting operations, as well as annual organic and FairWild inspections and certifications.

Certifications & Industry Partnerships

  • Our Baobab is FairWild, Organic (both EU and NOP), Halal and Kosher certified.

  • Our processing facility in South Africa is FSSC 22000 version 5 certified, a globally recognised Food Safety System Certification which provides a framework for effectively managing food safety responsibilities.

  • We are members of the FairWild Foundation which aims to provide a global framework for implementing a sustainable and fair trading system for wild-collected plant ingredients and their products.

  • We are members of The Union for Ethical BioTrade is a nonprofit association that promotes the "Sourcing with Respect" of ingredients that come from biodiversity.

  • We are members of PhytoTrade Africa, the trade association of the natural products industry in southern Africa who's purpose is to alleviate poverty and protect biodiversity in the region by developing an industry that is not only economically successful but also ethical, sustainable and Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) compliant.

  • We are the founders of The African Baobab Alliance, an organisation of Baobab producers, traders and brands united in a common desire to support the development of the Baobab industry worldwide.

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