Ready-to-use Baobab Paste

Baobab Paste Explained

Baobab Paste is a completely new and unique product containing 20% Baobab Fruit Powder. This is still Baobab, but in a puree format that potentially allows for a simpler production process with certain food and beverage product applications than regular Baobab Powder. These include beverages (smoothies, fruit juices), yoghurts, pastry and confectionery fillings, dessert toppings, breakfast cereals (smoothie bowls), ice creams, sports gels. Baobab Paste is pasteurized and aseptically packed. All required GMP’s are adhered to during the process.


Our Baobab Fruits are sustainably wild-harvested from naturally occurring Baobab Tree forests of rural Zimbabwe by local village communities. We purchase directly from smallholder harvesters in Zimbabwe, organize transport and process the Baobab Fruit Powder. Bronpro Processors (Pty) Ltd in South Africa manufactures the Baobab Paste. B’Ayoba’s key mandates are to improve the situation of Zimbabwe’s poorer rural communities and protect the Baobab Trees for future generations to benefit from.

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