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Organic Baobab Fruit Purée 


Made from 100% pure Organic Baobab Fruit Powder, our Baobab Fruit Purée is an extremely versatile ingredient which can be used in a wide variety of product applications. Produced in partnership with leading UK botanical extract manufacturer Blue Sky Botanics, it has one of the highest dietary fiber contents of any fruit purée on the market. Packed with vitamin C, potassium and calcium, it has a sharp tangy citrus taste with a hint of grapefruit and caramel.


Baobab Fruit Purée is Organically-certified, and is also available as a premium FairWild-certified product, reflecting both the ecological sustainability of the sourcing practices and the fair trade pricing and transparent business relationships with rural fruit harvesters in southern Africa.


Known as Africa’s Superfruit, Baobab Fruit Powder has become increasingly popular for its excellent nutritional and functional properties. Ready-to-use and easily blended with other ingredients, Baobab Fruit Purée is perfect for food and beverage brands looking to add Baobab fiber, nutrients, taste, texture and mouthfeel to their products.

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Product highlights:

  • Several times more dietary fiber than other fruit purées

  • Adds nutrient value and mouthfeel to your products

  • High in fruit pectin

  • No added sugar or preservatives

  • Made with 100% Baobab Fruit

  • Pasteurized and aseptically packed


Certifications and Memberships:

  • Produced in a BRCGS food safety facility

  • Soil Association Organic certified

  • FairWild Foundation certified

  • Member of the Union For Ethical Biotrade


  • Ingredients: Baobab Fruit Powder (Adansonia digitata)

  • Taste: Sharp, tangy citrus with a hint of grapefruit and caramel, moderate acidity

  • Colour: Caramel brown

  • pH: 2.0-3.5

  • Brix: 13-15 °

  • Shelf Life: 6 months ambient, 12 months chilled, 18 months frozen

  • Packaging: 20 kg aseptic triple walled foil bags housed in protective boxes

  • Shipping: Delivery available internationally

  • Manufacture: Product of the United Kingdom


  • Bakery

  • Beverages, juices, smoothies and cocktails

  • Baby and toddler foods

  • Breakfast cereals and smoothie bowls

  • Confections and chocolates

  • Desserts and toppings

  • Dressings, sauces and condiments

  • Healthy snacking and nutrition bars

  • Ice creams, sorbets and gelatos

  • Preserves, jams and compotes

  • Sports nutrition and gels

  • Yoghurts

More total dietary fiber than other fruit purées

Consumers and product developers are increasingly aware of dietary fiber’s multiple health benefits particularly with the gut microbiome, but most fruit purées fall short in their ability to deliver on fiber content. Our Baobab Fruit Purée contains over 11g/100g of total dietary fiber, several times more than other fruit purées.


Research conducted by Doehler and the Center of Microbial Ecology and Technology at Ghent University in Belgium found that Baobab Fruit fiber's prebiotic effect on probiotic gut bacteria is as powerful as the ‘gold standard’ prebiotic inulin, but at half the dose. This is supported by multiple studies into the Hadza, a hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania who consume large amounts of Baobab Fruit throughout the year, which have found that they have one of the most diverse gut microbiomes on the planet. Researchers have suggested that this is due to the high soluble fiber content in their diet.

GRAPH - Baobab Puree dietary fiber graph (US spelling of FIBER).png


Our Baobab Fruit Purée is made from Baobab Fruit sourced from Zimbabwe where Baobab trees grow in abundance throughout the entire country. These trees are sustainably wild-harvested by over 5000 registered collectors from local rural communities. The Zimbabwean harvesting season falls between May and September when the Baobab Fruit pods are in peak condition. This ensures our Baobab Fruit Purée is produced using the most nutrient-dense and consistent fruits. Manufactured in the UK by Blue Sky Botanics on their brand new aseptic production line, the purée is pasteurized and immediately packaged to preserve the nutrients and ensure a long shelf life.

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Ethical Sourcing

Consumers are increasingly demanding proof of sustainability, traceability and ethical sourcing. This is where FairWild Certification comes in. For the past 10 years, FairWild has been the global certification for fair trading standards in wild-harvested crops. The FairWild logo provides an absolute guarantee to consumers that a product is both sustainably and ethically produced. Blue Sky Botanics is also a member of the Union For Ethical Biotrade.

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Some Zimbabwean Baobab harvesters in fine voice

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